I am so happy with my implants to support my upper denture.  I do not even know the denture is in there anymore, what a great result, thanks
Dr Majeed. S.B.

Thank you all for helping me with my teeth but also with the paper work and the insurance claims.
You have a great team. GB
Dear Dr. MajeedI just wanted to let know that the new teeth you put over my implants are great.  I can eat and bite anything I want, I can smile and I feel so much better.  It really goes a long way to feel good. Thanks,

Dear Dr. Majeed,I want to thank you for working with me over the last several months.  I walked into your office worried and concerned that there would be very little hope for me to repair my teeth that were loose and painful.  Your treatment with implants and crowns and the way you told me how to take care of my teeth for the rest of my life is an amazing accomplishment. I cannot believe I can smile, eat anything, and never be in pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I just want you to know that you have really made a difference to me.  Not only is it great dentistry you do, just as importantly you made it possible for me to see a dentist, overcome my fears and apprehension and now I am happy to come in.  How can I ever thank you enough?

Hi Anne,

I just wanted to thank you Anne, for helping me sooooooooooooooooo much and dealing with the Insurance Co. on my behalf. This would not have gotten done without you. I would have not been able to manage and would have given up long ago from frustration and… ! You have made this possible for me. Thank you so very much.

When Kelly and I were in getting the colour match yesterday the lady said it was a shame that these temporary Crowns have to be replaced because the craftmanship was so nice and it was clear Dr. Majeed spent some time working on my teeth. He is not only a kind and gentle man, I am so excited to show off the incredible abilities he has performed on my teeth !

Thank you both for the time and patience you have put in just for myself.  I don’t know what to say to people who have helped me and been so incredibly kind, Thank You…

Sincerely Yours…S.B.

Dear Dr. Majeed I just wanted you to know that my new crowns look and feel perfect.  I know one should expect a bit of getting used to new teeth but not this time.  A perfect TEN for you Doc.  Thanks
Dear Dr. Majeed, I just wanted you to know that I was very warried about the tooth you had to take out but you made feel relaxed and everything went well.  Very little discomfort afterwards and I cannot thank you enough. 
I really like the way dr. Majeed explains procedures and treatment to me.  He is obviously very well prepared and he always explains the pros and cons of treatment, he tells me what my options are and he helps make an informed decision.I love the fact that I am involved in my treatment and I am actively participating.  I understand what is going on.Thanks, dr. Majeed, you are so patient, the best.
Dr Majeed talks to me before and during the procedure.  I listen carefully to what I have to say and I am sure he takes my questions seriously and answers in a way I can understand.  No other dentist did that for me and I really like it.  Thank you very much.
I love my new smile.  My new crowns feel totally comfortable and just plain look great.  Thanks. Being a little scared of the dentist, I was hesitant to come in, but Dr. Majeed was very gentle and understood my fear. Thank you Dr. Majeed for your gentle touch.

I have always been nervous when going to the dentist, but Dr. Majeed was very calm and friendly, plus understood my fear and took his time at my pace.‎
Just a quick note to say many, many thanks for standing by my problem tooth and all of the assistance and care you took. I’m thrilled to say that the tooth is very happy and so am I.  It is absolutely wonderful to have it resolved successfully.

Dr. Amir Majeed

Dr. Amir is a member of the British Columbia Dental Association as well as the British Columbia College of Dental Surgeons and has been a full time practicing dentist for over 15 years.

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