Teeth Whitening

There are several different ways to whiten teeth. At Dentist in Sidney we prefer making our patients special fitted trays to be used with special whitening gel.

This system works very effectively and is cost-effective as well as being simple, convenient and comfortable. With this system we and our patients are in full control of the process, degree of whitening and final shade.

You can buy strips at the pharmacy, and some of them are pretty good, although not as effective as trays. Professional-grade whitening treatments provide long-lasting results, as opposed to teeth whitening kits purchased online or whitening strips found in most drug stores.

People who have had a tooth whitening procedure are more likely to be perceived as healthy, younger, friendly, and more successful. This may be the ‘edge’ you are looking for. So if you enjoy drinking tea, coffee and other beverages that can stain your teeth, you may want to give teeth whitening a try. If just may improve your professional and personal life

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Dr. Amir Majeed

Dr. Amir is a member of the British Columbia Dental Association as well as the British Columbia College of Dental Surgeons and has been a full time practicing dentist for over 15 years.

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