Dental Enamel Erosion

Just as sugary food and drinks can cause tooth decay, acidic food and drinks can cause erosion, the wearing away of the top layer – the enamel – of the tooth. Erosion is very serious, since once the enamel has gone, it’s gone forever.

The biggest culprits for erosion are fizzy drinks, fruit juices and squashes as they contain high levels of acid. We recommend that you avoid these and opt for water or milk whenever possible. If you do drink acidic fruit juices or squashes, you can do the following to minimize the damage.

  • Add plenty of water to juices and squash to dilute the acid
  • Use a straw when drinking fizzy or other acidic drinks as it directs the liquid past the teeth
  • Don’t swish drinks around your mouth


If you have any questions about having Dental Erosion, give Dr. Majeed’s Office a call or click on the link below.

Dr. Amir Majeed

Dr. Amir is a member of the British Columbia Dental Association as well as the British Columbia College of Dental Surgeons and has been a full time practicing dentist for over 15 years.

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