Crooked Teeth

Having crooked teeth or large gaps between your teeth can cause problems. Food and bacteria could get stuck between the teeth which could cause decay. Similarly, if your teeth stick out, this could cause problems, either with mouth ulcers and decay, or with speech problems. It could be an esthetic problem for you. We might suggest that you have your teeth straightened through the application of braces (orthodontic treatment).

The majority of orthodontics is carried out on teenagers, but increasing numbers of adults are opting for orthodontics too. We will refer you to a specialist – an orthodontist – who will examine you and make a recommendation on the best approach to straightening your teeth. Contact us to set an appointment for an exam. We will tell you what you need to know.

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Dr. Amir Majeed

Dr. Amir is a member of the British Columbia Dental Association as well as the British Columbia College of Dental Surgeons and has been a full time practicing dentist for over 15 years.

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